Movie - Love Actually 1


Hey livejournal! I feel like I neglect this page too much so i'm going to attempt to update this journal once a month.
So i'm really sad to hear the news that Robert Sheehan isn't returning for a third series of Misfits. He makes the show! So it'll be interesting to see what it's like without him. He's off to do bigger (and better I guess) things! He is a star in the making.


5 x Misfits animated icons
20 x Neighbours icons

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Movie - Love Actually 1

A Complete mixture

A mixture of animations today. I made some from the Eminem & Rihanna video (Love the way you lie) featuring Dominic Monaghan and Megan Fox because it's visually amazing. Some John Terry animations from his World Cup interview with James Corden. A few Xavier Samuel animations from two different interviews and finally some Ross from FRIENDS animations :D

5 x FRIENDS animations
8 x Eminen ft Rihanna music video animations
4 x John Terry animations
3 x Xavier Samuel animations
7 x James Sorensen and Eloise Mignon (Neighbours promo) animations


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Movie - Love Actually 1

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Time for an update! I have made some JLS icons from their new One Shot video. Also some icons from the movie 'Dear John' because I love the novel - I haven't actually seen the film yet as it's not released in the UK for a while yet but I love the look of the movie. Finally some more Neighbours icons, I hope you enjoy. Snag and comment away :)

5 x Dear John animations
7 x JLS animations
10 x Neighbours animations


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Movie - Love Actually 1


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Thanks to everyone who's visisted, snagged and commented.
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Random icons

Hi! It's been almost a half a year(?) since my last Skins animations post, but I thought Pandora's episode was really good, like the old days :D
I made some Belle/Aden icons from H&A because they are my couple of the moment! and a few Martha/Jack ones too.

No hotlinking & credit is a must.
Other than that, enjoy :)
20 x Edward/Bella
12 x Skins
9 x H&A


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